Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gun Threat on Campus and Security Negligent Firearm Discharge

Oklahoma Community College campus shut but no gunman found. Campus security officer accidentally fires weapon during search

Feb 26, 2010: OKLAHOMA CITY - Police ordered everyone off the campus at Oklahoma City Community College after a report that someone on campus had a gun. Authorities later said there was no gunman but that a campus security officer accidentally fired his weapon during a search. Oklahoma City Police Lt. Patrick Stewart said Friday that authorities searched several sites on campus where people had reported seeing a gunman, but didn't turn up anything. He said that included the library. Stewart said later that a campus security officer accidentally fired his gun as the library was being evacuated. Police spokesman Sgt. Gary Knight said no injuries were reported. The school said the campus would be closed for the rest of the day.


Emergency Reporting Procedures: What are the reporting procedures for threats in your educational institution? The right answer is calling 911, then campus security, and then campus leadership.

First Responder Training and Sustainment: What are there capabilities based upon their initial level of training and periodic sustainment training for the first responders in your educational institution?
  • Security / Law Enforcement: For an armed security individual to have fired their weapon during a search without a threat to them is unacceptable and negligent. There is no such thing as an accidental discharge of a weapon, it is a negligent discharge. Tactically sound and safe weapons handling procedures must be a given through sustainment training, period.
  • Medical Personnel: Are the medical personnel at your institution capable, current, and equipped to stabilize an injured individual? The school nurse whose medical experience is handing out an ice pack and a band-aid may not be counted upon in a crisis. Response time of EMS?
  • Fire: What are the capabilities of your local fire service? Full Time? Volunteer? Trained as paramedics? Fire suppression or HazMat, or both?
Education Leaders need to have an idea of what actual capabilities first responders bring to an incident vice their assumed capabilities.

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