Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Peer Intervening Can Generate Positive Peer Pressure Against a Bully

A Student Demonstrating Moral Courage & Character Can Generate Positive Peer Pressure To Stop A Bully's Efforts.

MSNBC conducted an investigative report (see link) on teen behavior to bullying by generating a false story about boy's conducting physical fitness activities. With their parents observing by hidden camera, the video amply demonstrates 2 boys (actors) harassing another boy (an actor) who was extremely non-athletic. The verbal bullying and occasional physical contact (grabbing & slight pushing) clearly makes the unwitting boys participating uncomfortable about the continued bullying. As it escalated, one young man spoke up in support of the bullying victim. This boy speaking up then emboldened the other boys to become more supportive of the victim and put pressure on the bullies to stop.

We need to empower students to speak up individually and collectively to challenge bullying behavior and actions anywhere and anytime it occurs. Speak up and Report to an Adult is what we need to promote. 

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