Monday, February 4, 2013

5 Simple Steps To Make Your School Safer and More Secure

5 Simple Steps to Take To Make Your School Safer and More Secure

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STEP 1: Instill, and Maintain, a School Preparedness Mindset.  
·         “See Something, Hear Something, Say Something”  campaign that is all inclusive

STEP 2: Form a School Preparedness Committee

STEP 3: Learn About School Preparedness (Free FEMA EMI Online Courses)

STEP 4Find, Review, and Refine your School Preparedness Plan

STEP 5: Conduct School Preparedness Drills and grow capability


Greg - former school safety expert. said...

Re: Step 4 -"FIND, review and refine your school preparedness plan"...If after all that's happened in the past 20 years, you actually have to FIND your plan, you are already so far behind the curve that you may as well give up right now! You should not only not have to fins it - you should be drilling on it at least twice each school year!

Bob Killackey said...

Greg, I specifically included "FIND" your plan for two reasons. Some schools assign one person to put the School Safety Plan together and they are the only one familiar with it. Secondly, some schools don't even do that much unfortunately. Both reasons talk to your comment on how a School Preparedness Plan has to be a group document put together with the collaboration of many, and drilled by everyone. The only part of your comment I don't agree with is the "if you are so far behind the power curve than give up" (or words to that effect). New school administrations, new people to the organization need to review these things and re-energize these efforts to keep school communities safe and the lives within it secure. BAsed on the time you dedicated to school safety I know you believe this as well. PS. Any recommendations for this blog?

Mike said... shared 5 very simple steps to make school safer and secure. Indeed, useful post. Loads of thanks!
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